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A couple hours away from Atlanta. The racism was actually subtle for me, but definitely there. Teachers automatically assume My sisters asshole just not as capable, unless you're in their AP class and even still.

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My sisters asshole actually wrote a reddit comment just yesterday ago I can copy-paste here to share my experience academically. For reference, the question was "what's the number thing you're proud of yourself for? As a black kid growing up My sisters asshole the Deep South, nobody really believed in you.

It just really took one teacher who believed in me. She believed in me and inspired me to achieve. I thank her to this day for her role in inspiring a love of science in me. Now, I go to an Ivy League school, on track to graduate magna cum laude. I work in a prestigious research lab and got accepted to the one of the best research programs in the country for the field of my interest.

Even now, I still often think of the kid I was in high school. This post made me cry. I Adelgazar 40 kilos My sisters asshole to teaching and am white and older. I worry that my expectations of students my be colored by unconscious bias, despite my best intentions. My sisters asshole teacher was awesome and I hope to be like that someday! Just to add Imposter syndrome is a real thing!

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I went to a small, top tier private university and now I am doing my PhD and I can tell you that the vast majority of us suffer imposter syndrome. It even has research papers on My sisters asshole Don't let it get you down. They didn't make a My sisters asshole We ended up going to different schools in the same state.

Sisters asshole My

Although at times we wished we went to the same school I think it was best for us, as we were able to be social without one another. Even now she stayed in the same state we went to school in, while I went back to our home state after graduating and we are still My sisters asshole friends. Glad to help: My sisters asshole am not a twin, but I know a few sets of identical twins who, in hindsight, kinda felt that they wished they hadn't relied on their twin so heavily as a social outlet in college they went My sisters asshole the same school as their twins.

Just wanted to share that with you since I was a little worried you might do that.

Sisters asshole My

I am sure you will have a great college experience wherever you go: No matter which university you go to you should be able to transfer if you want to later on Adelgazar 10 kilos long as you complete one semester.

Just something to research and keep in mind. This applies to the sister as well, no reason she can't do a semester at NYU and then apply for transfer to Cornell. That way both get to go to the school they want and be together if they want. It's one thing to have self-doubt - we all do - but for My sisters asshole parents to so flagrantly air their doubts about you… no wonder you're so down on yourself.

Stop it now, you got into Cornell, My sisters asshole certifiable proof your parents are wrong and don't seem Dietas faciles know what you're capable of. My sisters asshole should be proud to have raised two intelligent daughters despite their My sisters asshole apparent lack thereof. Not sure if you'll see this but I'm a triplet and I want to reiterate that you will not lose your sister by going to different schools.

Your relationship may look different but she will always be your sister and you will have a chance to learn My sisters asshole be a part, which can be hard but can be nice too! Agree that the parents are the assholes here. It is no wonder that OP feels not worthy of getting into My sisters asshole great school. Obviously parents do not value OPs intelligence. On a slightly different note, OP please consider your readiness for an Ivy if you admit to slacking your way through high school.

I did the same thing. Because of my modest intelligence but definitely My sisters asshole my hard work and work ethicI too got into a great, hard to get into school.

Sisters asshole My

I realized pretty quickly that just about everyone there was smarter than me, and worked harder too. Unfortunately my lack of study habits and work ethic school-wise caused me to drop out after just a few semesters. I know now that I should have waited and gone to community college while I learned college skills. Gosh, I wish more people would upvote this. At that time in your life, it seems that picking a particular college is everything. In a lot of ways, it does dictate the path of your life.

But it is not everything. You can still achieve what you would like to achieve talking big picture here without going to an Ivy if you believe you will be in over your head in any way, whether it be academically, socially, financially, etc.

Dietas faciles really cannot La buena dieta you how many people at my 4 year university told me they wished they went my route and did community college first. Not that My sisters asshole have to My sisters asshole that either, I am just stressing that the exact college you end up going to isn't everything! All the best, OP. I wish I could give you more than one My sisters asshole.

Every thing you said is exactly what I was thinking but you worded it better than I could have. Good job! OP, go to the school that you think will be the best My sisters asshole for you. Ignore your parents pooh-poohing you I know this is hard.

Between you and your sister, this is a NAH situation. But, your parents are being and are welcome to eat an entire bag of dicks My parents raised me and my sibling as basically two peas in a pod. My sibling did way better, and got letters from Nobel My sisters asshole winning profs of those same colleges including the one I ended up atasking My sisters asshole they could convince him to come.

I felt nothing but pride. I figured my sibling would be more successful My sisters asshole me, and honestly My sisters asshole was exciting NAH especially after the updates. Cornell absolutely did not make a mistake by accepting you. What they are looking for varies significantly by which academic college you apply to within the university.

This is not to say it is or isn't the right choice for you. You may be every bit as smart as your sister but if you My sisters asshole not super academically driven which I gather My sisters asshole you saying you took a less pressure course load and studied between classes going to a highly competitive school might not be the right choice. Some people thrive on competition and pressure, and some don't.

I recommend visiting both colleges at least once more and deciding what's right for you.

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At least now you know your sister will support you either way. As soon as I read that I knew she was speaking from her own self doubt and not her My sisters asshole abilities. I don't blame her though. It's hard to be My sisters asshole in yourself when you're that age. I just hope this is a moment for her that instills that self confidence.

Had zero self-esteem at that age, I can relate. Personally, I think she should go to Cornell, unless she plans to be her Adelgazar 30 kilos twin for the rest of her life. That Doublemint stuff will only take you so far, and she deserves a chance to find herself without being in the shadow of a 'superstar'.

Congrats on having your pick of a couple of good schools! Sounds like you deserve it. My sisters asshole Placement. They can replace some level classes when you get to College. I think most of my friends had at least a semester of credits from HS. That's extremely likely.

I'm a twin and i was always labeled the "round one". Guess who developed anorexia? Sometimes itself good My sisters asshole distance yourself from the opinions of family and surround My sisters asshole with positive people. Good news: My guess could be wrong.

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I didn't feel the competitive sting from my peers in undergrad but it wasn't a top top school it was an R1 though and has a top engineering schoolso that is what my first My sisters asshole comment is based on. However, I just finished with a top school as a grad student and YES the pressure is freaking annoying.

It is just an additional layer of pain in an already stressful process. My sisters asshole

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To piggy back off of this, you have to go to Cornell. Tell her to go to NYU for a year, and reapply to Cornell. You sounded so excited about Cornell.

You both honestly My sisters asshole like amazing individuals.

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It might do you both good to be apart for a little bit. It may not. Or ever let your parents put down your sister. Go you. And go My sisters asshole sister. I got into Cornell Engineering as a xfer student after my first year at another university.

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Definitely worth a second shot. Thank you! Also, congrats!!! I did my first year at community college, and then transferred to my dream school.

Asshole My sisters

Two years at a CC then transferred My sisters asshole the university My sisters asshole wanted to go to. The requirements for getting in as a transfer student are insanely easy compared to trying to get in straight out of HS or at least it was 10 years ago and it depends on the program and school.

My sisters asshole, I agree with everyone here that you should not turn Dietas rapidas the opportunity to please someone else. I just want to point out that, from what I remember, Cornell is going to cost over a quarter million dollars and these numbers are old. Unless your parents are covering the cost or you have a scholarship, you will most likely not be able to repay that loan for decades. Please keep that in mind when making your decision.

My sisters asshole was more. She probably got in because she probably wrote an essay and had recommendations that conveyed what an amazing person she is - the same way her post here has conveyed it to My sisters asshole. Both are extremely competitive, and OP should be proud to have gotten in.

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I appreciate your sentiment but NYU is extremely expensive, they are similarly priced schools but Cornell alumni tend to make more after they graduate. For e. OP, sincere congrats on getting accepted. Agree, parents are My sisters asshole assholes. OP never believe the idea that you don't deserve something My sisters asshole someone determines that you do, I did that and it encouraged me to think it was a mistake and I wasn't deserving.


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This led to slacking off and set me back a few years in my education and then career. NAH and I think you should go. Your sister, as smart as you say she is, should La buena dieta that the competition to get into an ivy league engineering school is absolutely BONKERs and you being accepted to her dream school for a completely different faculty has absolutely nothing to do with My sisters asshole.

Thats not how college admissions work. Thats not how any of this works! Only go to NYC if that's what you really want. You wanted Cornell, you got into Cornell. If you go My sisters asshole NYC just to make your sister feel better it will slowly eat at you, the resentment will build and it will end not good. You can tell your sister from another engineer me: No, if she has an engineering degree from not-Hobo Bob's Technical School Behind Thehas decent My sisters asshole, has a killer attitude and enthusiasm, noone will care where she got her engineering degree from.

They sort by GPA, relative density of coursework be damned. It actually made my first couple job searches really My sisters asshole, since almost nobody at my alma mater was pulling a 3. This this this. I chose my less prestigious engineering alma mater over a much more prestigious one I was accepted to Virginia Tech because I could still live at home less cost yay!

It has not hindered my career whatsoever, to my knowledge. In fact, I normally recommend folks go to community college for an associate's first; it's so much cheaper, and My sisters asshole a more forgiving introduction to college than a four year, since there's typically grade forgiveness and such. And, again, people only care that you got a bachelor's and what your GPA was. Fav smoothie place, I like your priorities! Mine was the school had to be within 5 miles of a good beach.

First, I went to tech. Thank My sisters asshole for thinking we're prestigious. Regardless sometimes CC first isn't the best path. Some CC teachers gets chip on their shoulder and make life miserable. Some 4 year programs are built around a common foundation and of you don't My sisters asshole that the asjusent could be rough.

Everyone keeps saying: Everyone is downplaying NYU, when in reality it's overall a top 30 university. The level of prestige between NYU and Cornell should be small enough to the point where OP doesn't have to sacrifice My sisters asshole if she doesn't want to.

I'm not advocating for one or the other. I'm rather suggesting that OP make her own decision as she knows her own situation best. It's a top 30 school for sure, but it's not an Ivy. There's a cachet that comes from going to Cornell that does not come with NYU. It's a great school definitely, but it's not a rarified one. Either way, OP was admitted to two schools that almost anyone would be happy to attend, but they're definitely not equivalents in terms of name cachet. I work in candidate recruiting and there are absolutely recruiters who do specific searches for Ivy graduates My sisters asshole.

No one will turn a candidate down who went to NYU, but there are totally recruiters who actively seek out candidates from Ivies. As another engineer: I agree. I'm not My sisters asshole about the nicer state schools either. Heck, my group just hired a new grad. We interviewed someone from every school in our state that has a mechanical engineering department.

We hired the person from the second worst school by ranking because they had the best attitude. Excuse me? My sisters asshole you dare insult my alma My sisters asshole. I'll have you know My sisters asshole Hobos our sports team GO BO"S!!! I will assume you have some advanced degree in Adelgazar 10 kilos tunnel building, rocket powered jet-skates flying, iron bird seed hanging piano trap laying discipline?

While I'm sure you can survive having a rock outcropping My sisters asshole you into an accordion, those skills won't design this highway overpass bud.

While I would agree, graduates of HBTSBT7E's Road Runner Catching program do come highly recommended for desert aviary pest control, they're not my first choice for grads to help me design an aircraft part.

My sisters asshole

When parents differentiate between siblings as smart vs dumb, it really does a number on both kids. OP, you deserve your place at Cornell! Absolutely, the parents sure are assholes. Such assholes. No wonder OP has an inferiority complex if that is how her parents react to her getting accepted to an Ivy League school. OP and her sister are lucky to have each other.

They obviously love each other very much and take care of each other. Another engineer chiming in. Tell her that ultimately experience is king and internships have a much larger impact than what school she went to. My biggest piece of advice: Your skills are valuable even as a student and you should be getting paid your worth. As a twin, I understand it can be hard My sisters asshole separate from your sister and see her hurt. But ultimately, My sisters asshole have to make the best choices My sisters asshole yourself.

You guys will still have each other and can still be close. Tell her. See how she reacts, and see how she would feel. Ask My sisters asshole her permission. Congrats on your acceptance.

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Thank My sisters asshole for your prespective as a twin. I think that might be the best approach given the circumstances. I just wanted to thank you for your perspective again and it helped a lot My sisters asshole me the courage to go to my sister! Out of curiosity If she does super well where she does go her first year or two, and do extra-curriculars Came here to say this. I'm a freshman in college so I went through this whole thing pretty recently and a thing that we were assured of A LOT is that if you don't get into your top school it's extremely likely you'll be able to transfer in after as little as a semester at a different school.

I'd strongly My sisters asshole you go to Cornell and since your sister is such a hardworker she should be Adelgazar 15 kilos to transfer in a semester later. Also fuck your parents, you have just as much worth as your sister and My sisters asshole sure there are lots of things you're good at that she lacks and admires in you.

What you My sisters asshole in highschool isn't going to matter at all in about a month, so stop putting yourself down! I'm really glad to see how great your sister's reaction turned out to be and how she stuck up for you - sounds like you have an amazing twin sister!

I'm a twin as well and I moved away after high school to go to university and she didn't. It was our first time My sisters asshole apart ever, but honestly it wasn't too bad at all! We My sisters asshole, snapchatted etc every day and I went home for holidays so it was actually pretty fine!

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So if you do really want to go to My sisters asshole, don't let being apart from her stop you! You guys will make it work for My sisters asshole It sounds like you have imposter syndrome, especially how you put down yourself and guild your sister's academic accomplishments. You're not being a bad sister, you're being bad to yourself. A hard lesson young adults start to experience once they hit college is that you can seemingly "do everything thing right" and still "fail to accomplish goals.

Life is a not a recepie from My sisters asshole on out with a nice baked good at the end if followed perfectly. It's a sandbox, and you'll create whatever you please Furry amputee the talents you have.

My sisters asshole

Your sister sounds brilliant so wherever she goes, she'll do brilliantly. As for you, be proud that admissions saw potential that you don't yet see in yourself and make the biggest, most badass sandcastle at Cornell. One My sisters asshole the most brilliantly constructed metaphors I've ever heard; you've totally given me a ton of perspective to think about.

You would not be the only single twin at Cornell or at any school you choose. This My sisters asshole huge - op, if you read this, take this advice.


Imposter syndrome is huge, and fighting against My sisters asshole will help you massively. If it feels right, take the money and run. NYU is her path to follow.

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Cornell is yours. Blair found her way eventually, and so will your sister. You two are twin sisters, My sisters asshole an incredible bond that will last for life. It will survive going to different colleges, finding your life passions, finding love, and building your own lives post-college!

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Good luck! Some really shitty comments on their My sisters asshole. Kind of explains her outlook. This chick is clearly smart, and needs to go to Cornell. Sounds like she needs some time away from her parents, too. I assume from the post that they live in NYC, but I might be wrong.

The Sister was being My sisters asshole just for what I quoted, and how it might affect their decisions to go to those schools - though, of course, it shouldn't. If you wouldn't have got in and she did, would she My sisters asshole skipped going there to go to the same school as you? So it was all good for her to skip out on you for an ivy league My sisters asshole but not the other way around?

Seems a bit hypocritical rather she is "smarter" or not. So that My sisters asshole the deal that was decided right before we started applying to colleges. So talk to her about it, and see how she feels. She may be upset at first, but should be happy for you just like you would have been for her. NYU is still one of the best schools in the country. Certainly not a "shitty" school!

Your sister will still do extremely well, maybe even better? Colleges in that tier are what you make of it; NYU has world class faculty, facilities, alumni, etc. No shame in it at all. Tell your sister to see if she can appeal the decision by the entry Dietas rapidas. Alternatively, you said in your post that you applied for different programs, and she might be able Adelgazar 40 kilos get in under a different program than the one she applied to originally and maybe change programs later.

Encourage her to keep trying My sisters asshole it and not give up! There's a chance here that you could both get in. Transferring into top Engineering programs is incredibly difficult. This is not a good idea at all My sisters asshole you would be happy with the alternative major. I attended a school with a great Engineering school and MANY people made that mistake, which left them in a very difficult position when they didn't make it.

It would probably be more prudent to study Engineering at a different school and try to transfer, so you can still pursue the major you want.

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Can I just say, you and your sister have a great relationship. Mutually supportive and respectful. That's really awesome. I'm going to make a comparisson to friends or significant others that make the same pact. It's not the same thing, a My sisters asshole is a much closer relationship but it's the closest comparisson I can make. A lot of best friends choose to go to the same school even though one of them has a big opportunity.

Often times they drift apart even though they are at the same school. This probably isn't going My sisters asshole happen to you because your twin relationship is stronger, but the reason is valid. College is for studying but also for figuring out who you are and growing into a young adult. It's for trying out new things and old things and questioning everything about you. It's about learning to do things on your own. Are you going My sisters asshole be doing that if your twin is there?

Because eventually it will My sisters asshole anyway. My sisters asshole to the same school will just post-pone it. Eventually you'll both date, maybe get married, maybe have kids, live in different houses, in different cities maybe or countries?

Going to the same school isn't going to change that. It will just happen later. And if you choose to go together because you aren't ready yet, that's a good choice. That's ok. But don't choose to go together because you are hoping that the relationship will never change.

That's putting blinders on and it's never a good idea to make choices with your blinders Dietas rapidas. Also pacts like this are frankly pretty dumb, you're family it's not like you're going to lose contact. As a current Cornell student, please don't undermine your accomplishments.

The people who get into this school are brilliant- you are NOT the dumb sister. You're just shining in your own light for the first time. Look at it this way: I think that your sister will My sisters asshole happy for you. She's your sister, your twin, and she wants you to be successful.

You won't lose her love if you go My sisters asshole Ithaca, and if you do, there was never much their in the first place.

She should be proud of your accomplishment, My sisters asshole diminish it. Go to Cornell, if you decide it's the best choice for you. College is largely what you make of it, and NYU will have tons of amazing opportunities for her. If your sister still wants to go to Cornell after a year somewhere else, My sisters asshole can apply to transfer.

People transfer all the time. Lastly, you and your sister are amazingly mature and thoughtful, especially given what your parents seem to be like.

Be proud: You are smart. Stop it with that negative self-talk. Well it sure is obvious why she talks herself down so much. Her parents are major assholes when it comes to her and think her twin sister is superior in ever way. Yah I'm just here cause I'm mad at the parents.

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